Do You Know What You Have?

February 22, 2010 · Filed Under Main Content 

Guest Post by Dr. Jim Sigafoose

As chiropractors, I wonder if we are completely aware of the magnificent intelligence that dwells within all living things that we call innate intelligence. There is no compromise when it comes to what innate can do and does do when you realize that the balance of the blood, the balance of the body, the harmony of all the tissue cells, along with the re-creation of new tissue cells is all the result of a magnificence that dwells within each tissue cell called innate,

When you understand the energy flow, when you understand the vibration, when you understand that which is created from foodstuffs put in your body that are not exactly the best, when you realize that the body is capable of creating all of the various building blocks it needs from something other, that it takes in one substance (which has not in its makeup and composition what the body needs) and builds something inside of this body that is alien to that which it took in- because of the magnificence and wisdom that dwells within that body.

When I compare what we do as chiropractors, if we truly believe in what we do, if we truly believe in the intelligence that’s in us, if we truly believe in the intelligence all around us that we walk through and live through called universal intelligence and we have an understanding that universal intelligence is in fact a supreme intelligence or supreme being, a supreme knowledge or as some would say, God and  that same intelligence has entered into a primitive brain and is then converted to an intelligence for the use of the organic materials that are going to be put together by this intelligence, making a body that you and I dwell in- that is now going to sustain itself through that intelligence in it, over a period of years be it 10 years, 100 years, or more and I look at these preachers and how much they truly understand that which they present to millions of people and how they go to God on a continuum and how they seem to have their lives wrapped around this Jesus Christ or their particular opinion of God nearly 24 hours a day, write about in copious amounts of books and writings, maintain television shows one after another, teaching what it is that they say they believe.

Then I look at the chiropractor of whom I’m not sure really believe in the trueness and the philosophical tenets of chiropractic, who in fact do not perhaps believe in a universal intelligence as a whole that balances the universe 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year and so it’s difficult for the majority of chiropractors who were taught primarily physical medicine and therapy excluding the philosophy, excluding the importance of innate intelligence, excluding the universal principles that make up this profession of ours to succeed.

We seem to be more concerned about what therapeutic device we can purchase for large amounts of money, so we can apply it to a person from the outside in, which is the practice of medicine, so that we can charge and make more money.

From a principled philosophical viewpoint we want to be able to educate as many people as is humanly possible, bringing people in through a common and simple procedure that allows us to have a flow that will incorporate the passing of hundreds of people per day to receive that all important adjustment, which is the art form of chiropractic, to release the power of life in that body, to allow a greater expression of innate intelligence which is universal intelligence in living entities. And to then be able to have a re-creation of that body over a period of time from that which it is, to perhaps that which it could be.

It is my opinion that we as chiropractors should be joining hands and spreading ourselves across the world to aggressively teach that world what chiropractic is and aggressively teach the world what chiropractic is not, so that we would have many, many more people coming into chiropractic offices to learn what chiropractic is, to receive that specific, magnificent, adjustment, that releases the power of life within that body, to allow that body to reach its potential so that intelligence might better express through matter for the benefit of all the rest of the world.

To do so we need to employ better methods to enhance the profession and share that information with all for the sole purpose of having more people enter into chiropractic offices that teach the philosophical tenets of chiropractic based upon the principle. The object of which he is to make an adjustment, get out of the way and let innate do what it’s going to do ,what it needs to do ,what it wants to do for the benefit of that body without your encroachment of what you think. What you think is wrong and why you think you are to compare your educated intelligence to the innate intelligence is like an infant comparing its educated intelligence with that of a  well schooled parent,  It’s time for you, in my opinion, to attend Gatherings, join the Systems, go to seminars that teach philosophy: at segments of Parker, DE, New Beginnings, Focus, CORE, EPOC, the European philosophy meetings, and make an absolute decision to fill your mind with the knowledge of the philosophy of chiropractic and then go out and win the world’s hearts and minds, aggressively.

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