Dr. Guy Riekeman on 21st Century Chiropractic

April 20, 2010 · Filed Under Main Content 

Dr. Guy Riekeman explains that the latest research shows that the “bone out of place, putting pressure on nerve” model so often cited in chiropractic is not necessarily right. He goes on to explain that physical, chemical and emotional stresses (thoughts, traumas and toxins) traumatize the nerve system, causing the bones to immobilize around that area because of nerve system dysfunction. The chiropractic adjustment works by putting a force into the body which impacts the nerve system, counteracting the affect of the thought, trauma or toxin.

Or, as B.J. Palmer described it, the chiropractor introduces a force into the body, providing a universal force to be adapted by the innate intelligence of the body. If adapted, the innate intelligence moves the bone. This is exactly what our philosophy dictates.

This is particularly significant given the common (incorrect) reference to the 5 Component VSC model as the Riekeman/Flesia model, which was later refined by Kent/Gentempo into the most widely held, current 3 Component VSC model of:




As stated by Dr. Riekeman, this model is wrong (out of sequence). Current research shows it is Dysponesis, which causes Dyskinesia leading to Dysautonomia. This is exactly why we need to be using instrumentation that measure Dysponesis as the basis for care, rather than instrumentation that measures only Dyskinesia.

Welcome to 21st Century Chiropractic. The only technology on the market that does exactly that is available to you now.

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  1. Dr. Brandon Harshe on April 21st, 2010 5:16 pm

    Wow, patient files have changed quite a bit since the 1970s. LOL!

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