How I Grew a Practice: Failure to 2000 Visits Per Week

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sigA special guest blog post by Dr. James Sigafoose

After failing as a chiropractor for eight years because I did not understand the philosophy behind why we do what we do, I was ready to give up and quit. How did I turn that around and develop one of the largest practices in the country?

First, I had a mentor which I actually used by calling and or meeting with him frequently and I did so until I achieved my goals for the practice.

I also went to philosophy meetings and only to those kinds of meetings: six times a year in Georgia, monthly in Pennsylvania and monthly in New York. I bought (at any price) the Green Books and read them faithfully and believed what they said. I still read them daily. I not only read and studied them, I did the things that were taught in them.

I was asked to speak at the Georgia meetings, because my mentor suggested same, and that began my speaking career. I started doing talks in my office and kept a video program running all day which I created to explain chiropractic and innate. I let the world know about chiropractic through constant newspapers ads. I gave x rays away. I had a family plan and I suggested a fee and expected people to pay it (or as close as they could) while coming in daily or 3 times a week.

I joined Toastmasters and became a better speaker and then had programs in the office inviting other speakers or entertainers. I would teach chiropractic after they spoke or between sets if it were music. We had an annual chiropractic day where we gave away free x rays, dinner, tea and coffee under a tent on our 20 acres. We drew as many as 1200 people, fed them and x rayed as many as 135 people on a Sunday afternoon.

We handed out written information weekly: testimonials, information about the dangers of medicine, chiropractic philosophy and chiropractic thinking. We showed no fear and were determined to do the all we could. We attracted many folks suffering with cancer, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, skin, lung and kidney problems including about 150 children and babies per day. Why? Because we believed we were capable and the best in the world. We gave a lot away and received a lot in return. It was all based on loving service. We never locked our office. It was open like church and people came in as they pleased and watched the educational tapes and children’s programs about the inner man and health.

We had fun and loved what we did. We didn’t do it for money. We did it for love and service. We did however seem to make plenty of money.

After many years of serving, we decided to retire to a beach home in Florida. That soon became boring, so we went into offices throughout the country to observe and recommend changes. That evolved into helping a management company and then helping chiropractors around the world, and of course that’s where we are now till God presents some other need or challenge.

We have opened other offices since then using the same formula and then sold them. We still go out several times a year to talk and do seminars, some our own and some for others and go on mission trips at least once a year.

We never quite feel like we do enough, but our mission is to serve God by serving mankind chiropractic, and that will be until our dying breath.

You can become the chiropractor you wish to be and have the practice of your dreams. Remember, the steps are the same for you as they were for me and every other chiropractor who has a large, thriving practice:

1) Get a mentor that has had a successful practice

2) Attend philosophy meetings faithfully (DE, New Beginnings, Gatherings, Focus, etc)

3) Read and study the Green Books and own the philosophy

4) Tell the chiropractic story to those in your community (and join to reach the masses with the chiropractic message)

5) Love and serve those you attract

We aim to help you with step one. Visit my website to download a stat sheet, fax it back to us and let’s see if there is a fit. I realize we aren’t for everyone, but then neither is Jesus or BJ, but that didn’t stop them, nor will it stop me.

With love,

J. Sigafoose